Scottish Loan Fund And Spaceright Europe

Scottish Loan Fund And Spaceright Europe

Managed by Maven Capital Partners, the original investment from May 2014, which the Scottish Loan Fund made has provided £2.2 million of funding. The funding had initially been supported by product development as well as backed up by the acquisition of educational technology.


What Does Spaceright Do?

If you haven’t heard about it, Spaceright produces a range of innovative products which are used in the nurseries, schools and universities throughout UK.

As of last year the Scottish loan fund supported the acquisition of a designer and manufacturer of a complementary range of various educational toys which will also be used in education. This stance had actually managed to double the number of employees and staff, all the while making a difference in education and the future of this country.

Why Would Scottish Loan Fund Give Loans To Spaceright?

The education is certainly one of the most important branches in every country. Especially if we take into consideration that the investments are making a difference for the future and all people will live in Scotland, but more importantly everyone who lives in the UK.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is think about how you can find your project and build of firm case which will persuade people work in banks to invest their money in your project. In addition to that, strong recurring for the funds have certainly justifies the loans which have been given them.

The Scottish investment bank director said that Spaceright has been a true inspiration for others and that that success they have accomplished is certainly justified.

How To Become An Inspiration?

Of or you don’t just want to read about success stories in the newspapers. You’ll want to be one of them. If you want to become someone with a successful business there are a couple of things you should first do.

Don’t Worry About Funding

Perhaps your business needs more funding. If it does, do not give up right away. As you have seen, projects which are thought to be worthy are usually funded no matter what amount of money is in question. Therefore, the best thing you can do is think about how you can find your project and build of firm case which will persuade people work in banks to invest their money in your project. If your project is successful the loan you get will be just a small segment of money that you will manage to return.

Have An Original Idea!

If you want to become successful the most important thing you should have is an idea. Make sure your dream and do not be afraid if your dreams are a bit unrealistic, or too big. As it has been previously mentioned, the most important thing you can have is an idea. If your project is well developed, if you have thoroughly made a business plan which will be successful, do not be afraid to invest everything you have in it, as well as to ask for a loan.

In addition to that, once your project become successful all of this will be less important. It is the big project that make you a leader in every sense of the word.

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